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Very mild, does not have bitterness or soapy taste like other Earl Greys. Good balance, highly recommend it!
Charlie M.
September 23, 2021
I just love the bergamot flavoring in this tea! It has a rich taste and because of it this tea quickly became one of my favorites.
September 2, 2021
This tea flavor has become one of my favourites right away. Much better than many store-bought tea bags. Love it.
September 2, 2021
Viston Earl Grey vs tea bags - loose-leaf tea is larger and aesthetic than dust from tea bags.
Upgrade your tea experience

90% of people in the US drink tea from tea bags. But did you know it's made from ground up tea leaves and leftover tea known as dust and fannings? This is why it tastes so stale and boring.

Here's the thing, when you try Viston you are going to experience a whole new taste. You will think 'I had no idea tea was supposed to taste like this!'

This is because we provide only high-quality loose leaf tea, which has kept all of the subtle flavors and benefits of the real tea.

Viston Tea makes the best tasting tea.
Viston Tea - a passion project

I started my tea journey several years ago and was amazed by how rich the tea world is. I sought to learn more about tea and it soon became a passion. Viston Tea is my way of sharing those discoveries with you.