About Viston Tea

We're an online tea shop offering high-quality loose-leaf tea that will replace your tea bags, so that you can stop drinking dust, and start drinking real tea.


What is Viston Tea?

Viston Tea was opened in summer of 2021 by Vincas Stonys, when he noticed a gap between novice tea drinkers and loose-leaf tea brands, and sought out to fill it. High-quality tea is inaccessible for beginners, as most tea shops assume a fair knowledge about tea, and larger, more accessible brands focus primarily on tea bags and commodity tea. Viston Tea aims to change that by offering a novice-friendly tea shopping experience and educational tea content.

After trying hundreds of loose-leaf teas from various reputable suppliers, we picked a handful of teas that are familiar enough for people used to tea bags, but that have the high-quality and pleasant taste expected of loose-leaf tea. We carefully package every order by hand from our home in Vilnius, Lithuania and sell our teas worldwide from this online tea shop.

Fun fact: the meaning of name Viston is an apparent combination of my name Vincas Stonys, but it actually comes from a nickname I've had that has the same root as a Lithuanian word for "chicken" :)

Viston Tea is registered as a Small Partnership "Viston MB" as of March 2022, company code: 306026738.

Who am I?

I am Vincas Stonys, the person behind Viston Tea. By profession I'm a software developer, and while most other programmers preferred coffee, I drank tea. However, for quite a while, the only tea I was familiar with was the tea bags or loose-leaf tea I got from supermarket. I thought it tasted fine (with a generous amount of sugar), but I started wondering if this is all there is to it.

Several years ago I ordered my first high quality loose-leaf tea from Halmari. It was great - the tea tasted a lot more nuanced, but while looking at the catalogue of dozens of teas I would get overwhelmed by confusing names and vague descriptions. I wished that good tea was more accessible. So I started learning about tea and opened my own tea business.

Viston Tea is my attempt at building the tea shop experience I wish I had when I was a beginner loose-leaf tea drinker. Without confusing names, or complexity - just familiar tasting tea. If you ever though: "tea from tea bags is meh, but I don't know where to find better tea..."
You're in the right place.
Why Viston Tea?

Choosing the right loose-leaf tea is hard when you're just starting out. There's of a huge number of tea varieties, unfamiliar names and vague descriptions. And you just want good tea, right?

I've done the work of handpicking the best loose-leaf tea for you. Viston tea is the perfect choice for people who are new to loose-leaf tea or have never tried it.

Consider it a gateway to loose-leaf tea and a direct replacement for your tea bags. Begin to actually enjoy your tea.

Want to taste the real tea?

Get loose-leaf from Viston Tea and you will never want to go back to tea bags again.