Viston Earl Grey Tea
Viston Earl Grey Tea
Viston Earl Grey Tea
Viston Earl Grey Tea
Viston Earl Grey Tea

Viston Earl Grey Tea


Viston Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea - Sweet & Citrusy - Replacement for Earl Grey Tea Bags - 40 Cups

Viston Earl Grey tea is our best loose leaf tea to replace store-bought Earl Grey tea bags. Brew up to 40 cups of tea with 70g of loose tea.

Details for Viston Earl Grey tea

  • Size - 70g loose black tea (brews 30-40 cups of tea)
  • Type - loose leaf black tea
  • Replaces - store-bought Earl Grey tea bags
  • Ingredients - loose leaf Keemun black tea, natural bergamot flavoring
  • Region - China, Anhui province

About Viston Earl Grey Tea

Our loose leaf Earl Grey tea is fresh and light on the tongue, with bergamot citrus notes that are strong but not overpowering. Chinese Keemun black tea infused with bergamot oil creates a fragrant and delicious, full-bodied, amber-colored cup. The slightly tingling mouthfeel will have you making a second cup of tea in no time.

Viston Earl Grey tea is the best tea to enjoy in the afternoon, because of bergamot oil's calming properties. The robustness of black tea and the natural sweetness and fruitiness of bergamot oil goes well with a slice of lemon or a bit of rock sugar

Real taste can only be experienced through loose tea

If you've been drinking Earl Grey black tea from tea bags - awesome, you will love our loose leaf version of your Earl Grey tea. Better yet if you've never tried loose tea - it will blow your mind!

We encourage you to contrast any store-bought Earl Grey tea bags you may have with Viston Earl Grey tea and taste the difference by yourself. We promise you, after trying loose tea, you will never go back to tea bags.

What makes our loose leaf Earl Grey tea great

  • Bergamot oil can reduce stress, which makes Earl Grey tea the best black tea to relax in the afternoon, after a long day of work.
  • Earl Grey tea is a classic for a reason - Keemun black tea gives it a fresh and light taste and the oil of bergamot complements it with a fabulous fragrance and citrus notes of bergamot. This results in a full-bodied cup, with an addicting taste.
  • Black tea can withstand a dash of milk and the sweetness from the oil of bergamot is enhanced by a bit of sugar or a slice of lemon. Because of that, Earl Grey tea is incredibly versatile. We encourage you to explore and find what you like best.

Brewing instructions for the perfect cup

Earl Grey follows the standard instructions for preparing loose leaf black tea:

  1. Put 1 teaspoon (~2g) of loose tea leaves per 1 cup (~250ml) of water in a teapot or an infuser.
  2. Black tea is prepared with boiling water. Pour boiling (100°C) water on the tea leaves.
  3. Let the tea steep for 3 to 5 minutes, longer times will produce a stronger brew.
  4. Strain tea leaves to remove them from water (or pour the tea out of the teapot).
  5. Let the tea cool down for a bit and enjoy!

Things to know when replacing tea bags with loose tea

If you have been using tea bags to prepare tea, there are some general tips you can follow to make a perfect cup of tea from loose leaves.

High-quality tea generally doesn't come in tea bags

If you cut open a tea bag you will find either dust or fannings. It's leftover tea from production. Use real loose-leaf tea, like Viston Earl Grey black tea to have the best tea drinking experience.

Loose tea leaves take longer to brew and release their flavor

Brew loose leaf black tea for 3-5 minutes, as opposed to 30 seconds for tea bags - don't worry, high-quality tea will not get bitter quickly and it's too hot to drink right away anyway.

Tea is only as good as water used to prepare it

Don't use hard or chlorinated water to make tea. Preferably, use filtered water.

Temperature is important

Black tea is best prepared with boiling water at 96°C-100°C. Green tea requires a temperature of 80°C-85°C, otherwise, it can get burnt and taste bitter. When preparing it, just wait a few minutes or transfer water between two cups a few times before pouring it on leaves.

Loose tea can be steeped several times

Tea bags are designed to release all their potential at once. Loose leaves can be reused to brew several cups. Each infusion of the same leaves will result in a brew that tastes slightly different. However, you will have to steep them a bit longer each time. 

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    Charlie M.
    Lithuania Lithuania
    Good balance

    Very mild, does not have bitterness or soapy taste like other Earl Greys. Good balance, highly recommend it!

    Lithuania Lithuania
    My new favorite

    I just love the bergamot flavoring in this tea! It has a rich taste and because of it this tea quickly became one of my favorites.

    Rasa K.
    Lithuania Lithuania
    One of the best flavors

    This tea flavor has become one of my favourites right away. Much better than many store-bought tea bags. Love it.

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