Viston "Specialty" Tea Bundle


Viston "Specialty" Tea Bundle - 3 Packs of Loose Leaf Tea - 95 Cups

Viston "Everyday" specialty tea bundle contains 3 packs of our best loose leaf specialty teas to replace all your store-bought tea bags and experience new, exotic teas. Brew up to 95 cups of tea and save up to 10%.

    Details for Viston "Specialty"  tea bundle

    • Size - 190g (50g and 2x70g) loose green tea
    • Cups - 80-95 cups of tea
    • Type - fermented tea Pu-erh, oolong tea, green tea with roasted rice
    • Replaces - all common store-bought green teas
    • Ingredients - roasted rice, puffed rice, loose leaf green tea, loose-leaf fermented black tea, rolled oolong tea
    • Region - Taiwan, Japan, China


    Viston "Specialty" tea bundle includes 3 packs of our specialty teas, to replace your tea bags, and provide exotic, interesting, and novel experiences through tea. Get teas that can't be found in tea bags or your local supermarket and consider yourself an advanced tea drinker. Buy the bundle to save on your purchase.

    Included are:

    • 1 pack (70g) of "Genmaicha"
    • 1 pack  (70g) of "Pu-erh"
    • 1 pack  (50g) of "Jade Oolong"

    The bundle will provide around a month's supply of tea even for an avid drinker. Read more about the teas included in the bundle below.

    Viston Genmaicha

    A different kind of Japanese green tea, also known as popcorn tea. Roasted rice gives Bancha satisfying roasted and nutty flavors and infuses into a bright yellow cup. The perfect tea to go with a meal.

    Viston Pu-erh

    The ancient fermented Chinese tea from Yunnan province, that brews into a deep red cup with a distinctive earthy taste and the smell of damp wood. Perfect for tea drinkers looking for something exotic.

    Viston Jade Oolong

    The highly-prized Taiwanese oolong tea, tightly rolled into small balls. They unfurl to create a golden-green infusion with a floral aroma and a sweet, fruity flavor. A great introduction to oolong tea.

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    Rasa K.
    Lithuania Lithuania

    The best set of interesting flavors

    This set is well-rounded, covering all types of differents teas you may want to try! Each one is different from the other, and I find that I love to drink all of them on different occasions.

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