Viston Longjing Tea
Viston Longjing Tea
Viston Longjing Tea
Viston Longjing Tea
Viston Longjing Tea

Viston Longjing Tea


Viston Longjing Tea - Buttery & Toasty - 25 Cups

Viston Longjing tea is our best loose leaf tea to experience the real premium Chinese green tea and replace your tea bags. Brew 25 cups with 50g of loose tea.

Details for Viston Longjing tea

  • Size - 50g loose green tea
  • Cups - 20-25 cups of tea
  • Type - Chinese loose leaf green tea
  • Replaces - store-bought green tea bags
  • Ingredients - loose leaf green tea
  • Region - China, Zhejiang

About Viston Longjing tea

Our loose leaf Longjing tea has a buttery smoothness and a toasty flavor. It's the pride of Chinese tea makers and one of the most famous Chinese teas. It's meticulously folded during pan-firing, and the pressed leaves unfold to create a golden-jade infusion with umami flavor, the smell of toasted grass, and floral sweetness. Its richness and complexity of taste make it the ultimate green tea and a must-try for any avid tea lover.

Our Longjing tea is an authentic, premium Longjing tea, also known as "Dragon Well Tea", that's not normally found in supermarkets or, especially, tea bags. It's not the same tea that's ground up for tea bags - it's a premium green tea that's meant to be appreciated and enjoyed with the care and attention it deserves. Prepared in a teapot according to our recommendations, it will return the favor rewarding you with an exquisite cup of deeply rich, savory taste that will keep lingering in your mouth for a while.

What is Longjing tea?

Longjing tea is also known as "Dragon Well Tea", named by the region it comes from. Hence, real Longjing teas come from the Zhejiang region in China. Making real Longjing required skill, so many producers show off their mastery in an effort to be called the best of the best. Longjing is a classical example of wok-roasted tea, and it's unique in the way that its leaves are folded and pressed.

Due to its fame, Longjing is often counterfeited and imitated. We, however, ensured that our Longjing tea is authentic and has all of the qualities expected from it.

What makes our Longjing tea great

  • Viston Longjing is a great tea to have as the premium level green tea to delight your friends and family.
  • Can be made into a refreshing cold-brew tea.
  • Longjing may "dance" in the teapot creating a unique spectacle.
  • Can be re-steeped multiple times.

Brewing instructions for Longjing tea

Longjing tea deserves to be prepared in a teapot. Like most green teas it's quite delicate and requires following correct instructions:

  1. Put ~2 teaspoons (~2g) of loose tea per 1 cup (~250ml) of water in a teapot.
  2. Pour hot, but not boiling water (80°C) on the loose tea.
  3. Let the tea steep for 2 minutes. 
  4. Strain the tea leaves and keep them for re-steeping later.
  5. Let the tea cool down a bit and enjoy!
  6. Re-steep again, slightly increasing the brewing time.

Note: the Chinese often make the tea in a cup and drink it with leaves still in the water. That's being done for the sake of the show, but it doesn't provide the best taste. 

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