Viston "Everyday" Green Tea Bundle


Viston "Everyday" Green Tea Bundle - 3 Packs of Loose Leaf Green Tea - 85 Cups

Viston "Everyday" green tea bundle contains 3 packs of our best loose leaf green teas to replace all your store-bought tea bags. Brew up to 85 cups of tea and save up to 10%.

    Details for Viston "Everyday" green tea bundle

    • Size - 170g (70g and 2x50g) loose green tea
    • Cups - 70-85 cups of tea
    • Type - steamed and wok-fired green teas
    • Replaces - all common store-bought green teas
    • Ingredients - loose leaf green teas
    • Region - China, Japan


    Viston "Everyday" green tea bundle includes 3 packs of our green tea, to replace all of the tea bags in your kitchen at once and save on your purchase.

    Included are:

    • 1 pack (70g) of "Bancha"
    • 1 pack  (50g) of "Gu Zhang Mao Jian"
    • 1 pack  (50g) of "Longjing"

    The bundle will provide around a month's supply of tea even for an avid drinker. Read more about the teas included in the bundle below.

    Viston Bancha

    The Japanese everyday green tea is made up of large leaves harvested from the second flush of Sencha. It produces a green-colored cup with pleasantly mild, slightly sweet flavors. Perfect for first-time green tea drinkers.

    Viston Gu Zhang Mao Jian

    The exquisite Chinese green tea from the Wuhan province. Its slender, curly leaves brew into a yellow cup with a slightly smoky character, fresh aroma, and lightly vegetal flavor with hints of honey.

    Viston Longjing

    The highly regarded Chinese green tea from the Zhejiang region, also known as "Dragon Well Tea". Its long, flat leaves brew into a golden jade cup with umami flavor, a smell of toasted grass, and a spring-like aroma.

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