Viston Jade Oolong Tea
Viston Jade Oolong Tea
Viston Jade Oolong Tea
Viston Jade Oolong Tea
Viston Jade Oolong Tea

Viston Jade Oolong Tea


Viston Jade Oolong Tea - Fruity & Sweet - 25 Cups

Viston Jade Oolong tea is our best loose leaf tea to experience the real premium oolong tea and replace your tea bags. Brew 25 cups with 50g of loose tea.

Details for Viston Jade Oolong tea

  • Size - 50g rolled oolong tea
  • Cups - 20-25 cups of tea
  • Type - loose leaf oolong tea
  • Replaces - store-bought oolong tea bags and "milk oolong" tea
  • Ingredients - rolled oolong tea
  • Region - Taiwan

About Viston Jade Oolong tea

Our loose leaf Jade Oolong tea has a fruity and sweet flavor reminiscent of peach blossoms. It's a highly-prized Taiwanese tea exceptional both in taste and appearance. Tightly rolled balls unfurl in your teapot to create a golden-green, buttery-smooth, mildly sweet infusion. Slight oxidation eliminates the grassy notes that are present in green tea but keeps it light and mellow. It can also be re-steeped several times.

Our oolong is an authentic, premium oolong tea that's not normally found in supermarkets or, especially, tea bags. It's not a low-cost "milk oolong" imitation that's infused with artificial flavors and put into tea bags. The rolled leaves unfurling is a spectacle on its own, and can't be replicated in a tea bag. Because of that, we recommend you prepare this tea in a clear teapot. If you want a tea that's both excellent in taste and provides a nice experience - Viston Jade oolong is your best option. 

What is Oolong tea?

Oolong tea comes from the same plant as green tea and black tea but is different in its processing. It's a partially oxidized tea, and depending on the oxidation level it can acquire more green tea or black tea characteristics. Traditionally, its leaves are rolled, twisted, or curled into balls or thin strands.

Oolong tea represents an artisan mastership of tea processing, because of the skill involved in creating it. China and Taiwan are considered the originators of oolong tea, and it's still highly regarded in both countries.

The taste and appearance of oolong tea can vary widely by region and processing. Just as wine is prized in the west, oolong tea is prized in Asia. Various oolong tea masters compete for the title of "world's best" where they can not only win prizes but also demonstrate their dedication to the art of creating oolong tea. 

What makes our Oolong tea great

  • Viston Oolong is great to have as the premium level tea to delight your friends and family on occasion.
  • Viston Oolong tea is a great starting point to start exploring other types of teas than green or black.
  • Unfurling leaves create a spectacle to be enjoyed.
  • Can be re-steeped multiple times.

Brewing instructions for Oolong tea

Oolong tea can vary widely and so does its preparation instructions. Here are the recommended instructions for Viston Oolong tea:

  1. Put 1 teaspoon (2-3g) of loose tea per 1 cup (~250ml) of water in a teapot.
  2. Pour hot, but not boiling water (90°C) on the loose tea.
  3. Let the tea steep for 3-5 minutes. 
  4. Strain the tea leaves and keep them for re-steeping later.
  5. Let the tea cool down a bit and enjoy!
  6. Re-steep again, slightly increasing the brewing time.

Note: Oolong leaves will unfurl and will take up a lot more space, so we recommend preparing it in a teapot instead of a small infuser.

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