Viston East Frisian Tea
Viston East Frisian Tea
Viston East Frisian Tea
Viston East Frisian Tea
Viston East Frisian Tea

Viston East Frisian Tea


Viston East Frisian Loose Leaf Tea - Strong & Spicy - 35 Cups

Viston East Frisian tea is our best loose leaf black tea to replace store-bought Assam or other strong black tea bags. Brew up to 35 cups with 70g of loose tea.

Details for Viston East Frisian tea

  • Size: 70g loose black tea
  • Cups: 30-35 cups of tea
  • Type: Loose leaf black tea blend
  • Replaces: Store-bought Assam or other strong black tea bag teas
  • Ingredients: Blend of Assam black teas
  • Region: India, Assam

About Viston East Frisian Tea

Our loose leaf East Frisian tea is a strong black tea that is malty and slightly spicy, with earthy and woody tones. A blend of strong Assam black teas and golden tips creates a hearty and full-bodied, deep copper-colored cup. The richness and playful spiciness of this tea will quickly make it your favorite.

East Frisia is a region in north-central Germany, where people drink the most tea per capita in the world. They have a deep-running tradition of taking strong black tea with cream and rock sugar as part of their tea ceremony. We encourage you to try it: make our East Frisian tea in a teapot, put a piece of rock sugar in a small cup, pour hot tea from the teapot into the cup, and add a large spoon of cream - do not stir! By tasting all three layers - malty Assam tea, cream, and sugar you will get the best east Frisian black tea experience.

What is East Frisian tea?

Eastern Friesland is a region in Germany (Lower Saxony). It has a very strong tea culture - on average, East Frisians consume more tea than anyone else in the world. Naturally, some unique practices have emerged.

East Frisians make their tea from loose tea leaves in a pre-warmed pot. A piece of rock sugar (called "Kluntje") is placed in each cup, and hot tea is poured on it. Then, a bit of cream is put into the cup, which sinks to the bottom and then bubbles up. - creating a cloud-like effect called "Wulkje". They don't stir their tea so that each sip brings a different taste - cream, then strong tea, and lastly sweetness of the rock sugar.

Real taste can only be experienced through loose tea

If you've been drinking strong Assam teas from tea bags - you will love our loose leaf blend of your tea. We love strong tea, but have found that black tea from tea bags doesn't cut it - it gets bitter and tastes stale. Only loose leaf tea will give you that warm buzz while tasting fresh, without getting bitter.

We encourage you to contrast any store-bought Assam tea bags you may have with Viston East Frisian tea and taste the difference by yourself. We promise you, after trying loose leaf tea, you will never go back to tea bags.

What makes our East Frisian tea great

  • The heartiness and richness of this Assam tea make it a great tea to drink on your tea break any time of the day. This is the kind of tea, that most people want when they want black tea.
  • East Frisian blend from Assam teas will withstand cream or milk and sugar, in fact, according to the traditions in East Frisia - it is the preferred way to take this tea. Definitely try the traditional East Frisian tea ceremony.
  • Doesn't get bitter like teas from tea bags would.
  • Great base for making Kombucha.

Brewing instructions for East Frisian tea

East Frisian follows the standard instructions for preparing loose leaf black teas, our recommendation is:

  1. Put 1 teaspoon (~2g) of loose leaves per 1 cup (~250ml) of water in a teapot or an infuser.
  2. Pour boiling (100°C) water on the leaves.
  3. Let the tea steep for 4 minutes. Feel free to experiment in the range of 3-5 minutes.
  4. Strain the tea to remove the leaves from the water (or pour the tea out of the teapot).
  5. Let it cool down for a bit and enjoy straight, or as part of the East Frisian tea ceremony!

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      Jesse S.

      Excellent East Frisian Tea

      I have been drinking East Frisian blend tea for the past 20 years. It isn't always easy to find available online. My stock was low and I needed to order more. Now that I live in Europe, I only purchase within the EU. Very luckily, I found Viston Teas and I ordered a package. Every blend of EF tea yields a different brew, some better tasting than others. I can say that this Viston blend is among the best I've drunk. I like my tea medium strength and Vision did not disappoint. It is smooth and favourable without being overpowering. I love the taste and this is the first time I've drunk tea without any sugar! I am no tea expert or connoisseur but I can tell this is made with high quality tea leafs. It is the best, well worth the money and a pleasure to drink. I can recommend it without reservation.

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