Viston Pu-Erh Tea
Viston Pu-Erh Tea
Viston Pu-Erh Tea
Viston Pu-Erh Tea
Viston Pu-Erh Tea

Viston Pu-Erh Tea


Viston Pu-erh Loose Leaf Tea - Earthy & Mellow- 35 Cups

Viston Pu-erh tea is our best loose leaf tea to replace store-bought Pu-erh tea bags or to experience a more exotic taste of tea. Brew up to 35 cups with 70g of loose tea.

Details for Viston Pu-erh tea

  • Size - 70g loose fermented black tea
  • Cups - 30-35 cups of tea
  • Type - fermented loose leaf black tea
  • Replaces - store-bought Pu-erh tea bags
  • Ingredients - loose leaf Sheng Pu-erh tea
  • Region - China, Yunnan province

About Viston Pu-erh tea

Our loose leaf Pu-erh tea has the characteristic earthy and slightly sweet taste, mild profile, and an intensive smell of fermented tea. It brews into an exceptionally dark-colored, full-bodied, rich cup and can be infused many times with each infusion uncovering different characteristics. Enjoy the complex flavors of Pu-erh tea and consider yourself an advanced tea lover.

Pu-erh is low in caffeine so it's a great tea to enjoy in the evening or for people with caffeine sensitivity. Pu-erh tea is low in tannins, so its texture is very smooth and it has no bitterness. Viston Pu-erh tea is the perfect tea for your first venture to discover more exotic teas.

What is Pu-erh tea?

Pu-erh tea (or Pu'er) is a delicacy in China, often likened to wine due to its tendency to get more interesting and complex with time. Real Pu-erh comes only from Yunnan province, however, similar tea is being made in Hunnan province, and together they're often called dark tea.

Authentic Pu-erh tea is left to ferment after initial pan firing and rolling. It can be kept to age naturally over several years, sometimes, even more than 25 years. The longer it's kept, the more complex the flavors become. It loses all astringency and develops a dark color and a smooth, earthy flavor. Dark tea is commonly pressed into various shapes during processing - disks, bowls, or bricks.

Great Pu-erh tea, like great wine, is highly prized and can command higher prices. Because of that, it must be carefully selected, as unfortunately, many counterfeits exist. We've done the work of selecting the Pu-erh tea that's the perfect introduction to the advanced teas.

What makes our Pu-erh tea great

  • Pu-erh tea is low in caffeine and tannins, so its mild profile is perfect if you find black and green teas too harsh for you.
  • Viston Pu-erh tea has all the common characteristics of Pu-erh tea, making it a great starting point to appreciate complex teas, before venturing on your own.
  • Comes in loose-leaf form instead of disks or bricks making it easy to measure.
  • Can be re-steeped many times, to uncover even more taste profiles present in Pu-erh tea.

Brewing instructions for Pu-erh tea

Pu-erh is an extremely flexible tea that's hard to get wrong, so feel free to experiment. The basic instruction goes like this:

  1. Put 1 teaspoon (~2g) of loose tea leaves per 1 cup (~250ml) of water in a teapot or an infuser.
  2. Pour hot, but not boiling water (90-95°C) on the tea leaves.
  3. Let the tea steep for 3 to 6 minutes.
  4. Strain tea leaves to remove them from water.
  5. Let the tea cool down a bit and enjoy!
  6. Re-steep again, but use a shorter time.

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